Black Masterbatches

Palvi Industries offers a wide Portfolio of Black Master batches with all carrier Resins like PE, PP, PS, SAN, PA, PC to meet all user segments requirements.

Black Masterbatches

Black  -  Masterbatches

Palvi Industries offers a wide Portfolio of Black Masterbatches with all carrier Resins like PE, PP, PS, SAN, PA, PC to meet all user segments requirements.

Our Black Masterbatches are filled with various size carbon particles of Furnace & Thermal type carbon ranging from 17 NM to 80 NM. Our Masterbatches got uniform Dispersion, High Jetness, Blue& Red tone, Low grit & volatile content. These masterbatches are moisture free for ease of applications. Our Masterbatches give UV Protection & Food regulation Compliance based on end-use.

PE BLACK MASTERBATCHES: Very common grades used in FILMS, PIPES, CABLES, ROTOMOULDING & COMPOUNDING. These master batches are based on LDPE/LLDPE carrier resin in powder form & carbon grades of particle size 20-80 NM is used along with Process additives & stabilizers to get quality Product with High jet blackness & dispersion. These master batches are packed in moisture proof PE bags with liners. All master batches are Dust free & with low moisture content to give all round properties & performance during Processing.

PP BLACK MASTERBATCHES: Suitable for PP Yarn & Filament, Injection Molded Articles, Compounding & Recycling. These are manufactured in PP Homopolymer with High Flow rate with 20%-50% carbon of 20-30 NM Particles to suit all applications. High jetness & low grit content with High dispersion standard PP Black Masterbatches meet coloring requirement of all segments.

PET BLACK MASTERBATCHES: These are designed for Textile & non Textile applications with different I.V. PET Carrier Resin. Reinforcement carbon is below 25NM & gives uniform Dispersion& jet blackness with High Gloss on surface. The Target Application areas are Pet Filament, Staple Fiber, Sheet, Containers & Injection molded articles. Content of Carbon varies from 20%-40% depending upon end application.

Nylon -6 & 66 BLACK MASTERBATCHES: Suitable for monofilament, extruded sheets, Injection molded components for Automotive & appliances industry. Compounding & Recycling is also a major user segment. These masterbatches are made from very fine carbon of 20-30 NM & Low R.V. Resin with High Temperature Lubricants to give Jet Blackness, Gloss, and UV Protection & smooth silky finish.

SAN BLACK MASTERBATCHES: For coloration of major styrene Polymers like ABS & SAN above masterbatches are crafted with High flow SAN Resin powder & specialty carbon of very fine particles below 20 NM with Jet Blackness, High tint strength, and Blue undertone with High Gloss on surface. SAN masterbatches are filled in range of 25%-35% & used in ABS auto components, Appliances Parts, Sheets & other extruded parts of ABS & SAN.

PS BLACK MASTERBATCHES: These are made from High Flow general purpose polystyrene Resin powder & very fine particles of carbon (Below 25 NM) to the tune of 30% for very fine dispersion & Jet Blackness. These masterbatches are used in PS & HIPS injection molded & thermo formed articles & extruded sheets. FDA regulated products are also available.

PC BLACK MASTERBATCHES: These are suitable for injection molded & extruded components of Polycarbonate mainly for automotive & electrical sector. High flow polycarbonate resin is used with very fine diameter carbon (Below 20 NM)filled up to 30% with High temperature process additives to high tint ,jet black material. UV Stabilized grades are also available to avoid chalking due to harmful radiations.

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