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Company Profile

Palvi Industries Limited Masterbatch Manufacturing

We introduce us, as a leading manufacturer & exporter of Black Masterbatches, Calcium Carbonate Masterbatches and Talc Masterbatches for various plastic processing applications. We are government of India recognized 2 Star Export House and based at Special Economic Zone in Gujarat. We are producing 3000 MT Black Masterbatches & 5000 MT Calcium Carbonate (Filler) Masterbatches per annum at present. Our prices are more competitive and products are having EXPORT quality. We can supply Black Masterbatches in your preferred customised packing.

Production technology

All our masterbatches are produced on state of the art high torque Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders. Twin Screw Extruders allow for continuous manufacturing process with greater control on various production parameters like feed rate, temp, torque etc. Twin Screw Extruders are known for producing highest quality masterbatches with their separate elements for mixing, kneading and conveying actions, thus ensuring consistency and high dispersion efficiency. Further at PALVI, each machine is dedicated for production of a specific product only. We are thus able to select the machine and configure the elements, as required to achieve the highest loading and best quality. Higher output, higher control, lower wastages and thus also the lower costs come as an additional benefit, being passed on to our customer.


Our mission is to be recognized as a supplier of top quality Black Masterbatches, by setting high standards in services, reliability, safety and sustainability.


Our vision is to be a leading supplier of Masterbatches with emphasis on innovation and consistent growth while continuously striving to exceed customer expectations.

Raw Material Selection and Quality Control

At PALVI- lots of efforts are put in to understand the technical requirements of our customers. We thus have invested in Injection Molding, Blow Molding, 3 layer Co-extrusion film pilot plant, BCF/POY/FDY yarn drawing Pilot plant etc. to sample test and approve our masterbatches internally for the intended application, before they are being offered to our clients.

Further, a no compromise policy is being followed for all the incoming raw material. All our raw materials are thus sourced only from the most reputed and proven sources. All raw materials must fall within a pre-specified narrow tolerance limit for clearance and finally to be used for production. A in-house most modern and advanced QC Lab equipped with all required equipment.

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