What effect does Mulch Film have on Soil and Plants?

What effect does Mulch Film have on Soil and Plants?

What effect does Mulch Film have on Soil and Plants?

Mulch is any substance that is placed on the surface or vertically in the soil to help with soil and water conservation and productivity. To get the most out of the mulch, apply it just after the crop germinates, at a rate of 5 tonnes per hectare (organic mulch). Mulching is an ancient activity that dates back to the dawn of agriculture. Mulches are utilised for a variety of purposes, but in dry places, water-saving and erosion control are the most significant goals. Mulches, when used correctly, can significantly reduce soil erosion caused by wind and water.

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Soil temperature adjustment, soil conservation, nutrient addition, enhancement in soil structure, weed control, and crop quality control are all reasons for heavy mulching. Mulching helps to avoid soil deterioration by preventing runoff and soil loss, as well as weed infestation and water evaporation. As a result, it aids in the preservation of soil moisture and the control of temperature variations, improves the physical, chemical, and biological qualities of soil, adds nutrients to the soil, and promotes crop growth and production.

Effect of Mulch Films on plants and Soil:

1.Soil water:

Mulch on the soil surface helps to inhibit weed growth, reduce evaporation, and promote precipitation infiltration throughout the growing season. Crops can use the water absorbed in the soil, resulting in higher agricultural yields. Mulches block the sun's rays from reaching the soil.

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2.Soil structure:

When crop wastes were applied at a sufficient level, the rate of infiltration increased. The decomposition of these leftovers improves the aggregation and adaptability of the soil. Mulch decreases (reduces) runoff velocity.

3.Soil erosion:

Because rainfall occurs often during heavy storms and the surface is properly shielded by vegetation, soils in the arid region are especially susceptible to water erosion and wind erosion. As a result, one of the main reasons for utilising mulch in arid areas is to decrease erosion caused by wind and water.

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4.Soil temperature:

Mulches increase the amount of water in the soil and reduce evaporation. The impacts on soil temperature, on the other hand, are extremely variable. While mulches lower the warmth of the soil, clear plastic mulches raise it.

5.Crop production:

Mulches have an impact on plants because of their impacts on soil water, soil temperature structure, and erosion. Reduced evaporation is a crucial factor in plant growth and, as a result, high crop output owing to mulch.

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