Some of the lesser-known Applications of Black Masterbatches

Some of the lesser-known Applications of Black Masterbatches

Some of the lesser-known Applications of Black Masterbatches

Black masterbatches possess a high concentration of carbon black and are one of the most often used dyes in the plastic industry. Because black masterbatch contains 50% black carbon, it can be used as black colour in a range of plastic applications. The whole masterbatch is blended with plastic granules and other additives in a plastic material mixture. Depending on the shape of the result, the mixture is next exposed to various processing procedures.

Following are some of the lesser-known applications of Black Masterbatches.

Automotive compounding:

As you may be aware, the automotive industry is the largest end-use business for black masterbatches. The need for black masterbatch is continuously increasing as plastic has steadily become more widely used in the automobile industry in order to reduce overall weight and production costs.

In most cases, a black-colour masterbatch is integrated into engineering compounds to give end products a pleasing appearance. The compound is a custom-made material that meets the needs of end-products. Exterior applications for this product include bumpers, window sealing profiles, car bodies, tyres, bodyside protection strips, as well as headlight lenses.

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The black compound not only provides a high level of colour persistence, but it also contains numerous reinforcements and particular additives that effectively protect colours while also preventing external influences from deteriorating the surface of your items. In other words, adding a black-colour masterbatch to your end-product improves its performance and extends its service life.

Packaging films:

Packaging films are another typical use for black-colour masterbatch. It disperses more uniformly on the surface of the end product due to its granular shape. Furthermore, producers can readily alter the formula as well as the loading rate to fit their end products.

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Pipes and conduits:

Fencing, tubing, deck railings, pipes, and other extruded applications of black masterbatches are among the most prevalent. It not only gives end-products a nice appearance, but it also helps to create a protective coating that keeps chemicals from eroding the surface and improves impact strength and wear resistance.

Geomembrane industry:

Pre-coloured compounds have traditionally been utilised in the geomembrane business, but more and more geomembrane manufacturers are incorporating masterbatches into virgin resin. The masterbatch and carbon black work together to offer the membrane the best UV and thermal protection possible. Carbon black is typically included in masterbatch to improve the UV resistance of geomembrane since it is one of the most effective and widely used light stabilisers for polymeric materials.

Carbon black also slows down the degradation process in the polymer due to its unique surface chemistry. The majority of masterbatch kinds, on the other hand, have extra antioxidant packages that give long-term heat ageing resistance as well as processing safety.

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Applications of Recycled Black Masterbatch:

With a view to delivering cost-effectiveness, a new line of black masterbatches that contain 100% recycled content has been introduced. It is said to be made of 100% recycled carbon black from post-consumer tires and polyethylene (PE) resin from a recycled stream, thus helping manufacturers save costs.

The usage of 100% recycled content has a number of advantages in terms of sustainability. Every tonne of feedstock utilised in the recovery process saves one tonne of oil and 1.4 tonnes of CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process. The black colourant in the form of masterbatch saves 5 to 10% over conventional grades and can be utilised in a variety of classic applications like film, sheet, and moulded goods.

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