Technical Information

Product Product Information Carrier Resin Let Down Ratio Effect of Masterbatch / Compound Application Advantages
PMB White Masterbatch Based on Titanium dioxide (Rutile Grade), a high refractive index pigment having excellent heat stability and outstanding light fastness. PE 1% to 2% for Injection / Blow molding, 2% to 5% for Extrusion Give uniform opacity & dispersion Blown films, Cast films, Sheets, Pipe & Profiles, Blow Injection and Rotomolding. Provides optimum dispersion, opacity heat stability & light fastness.
PMB Black Masterbatch Black Masterbatch is based on ultrafine particle size carbon black. PE 1% to 2% for Injection / Blow molding, 2% to 4% for Extrusion, 5% to 7% for Roto molding Gives uniform dispersion of carbon black in polymer matrix resulting in excellent light absorption (Jetness) Blown films, Pipe & Profile, Injection & Blow Molding, Roto molding, Mono & Multi Filaments. Excellent blackness, Excellent tinting strength, Uniform dispersion & light UV protection.
PMB Colour Fluorescent & Metallic Masterbatch Colour Masterbatch consist of high quality pigment/dye and speciality additives. PE 1% to 2% for Injection / Blow molding, 2% to 5% for Extrusion Gives consistency in colour shades, improved surface finish & gloss. Blown films, Cast films, Sheets, Pipe & Profiles, Blow and Injection molding. Increases production rate due to reduced filter pack clogging. Ease of deletion because of low viscous concentrates.
PMB PPA Masterbatch Proprietary formulation. PE 1% to 3% Eliminates melt fractureshark skin on blow films. Regrind material can be further processed without any change in their properties. Blown films and Injection molded items. Reduces die lip buildup and increases output. Reduces processing temperature.
PMB Slip Agent Masterbatch Masterbatch based on Erucylamide slip additive PE 0.5% to 2.0% Reduces frictional resistance between two plastic films & between plastic & metal parts. LDPE, LLDPE films to be used on FFS machines. Slip agent migrate to surface of the extruded / molded plastic product forming a mono molecular layer which in term provides excellent slip properties in the films.
PMB Nucleating Agent Masterbatch It is a highly developed silicate based nucleating agent. PE/PP 1.0% to 2.0% It enhances clarity of Polyolefin products. Polyolefin based end products such as disposable syringes, films, containers, bottles etc. It provides large numbers of nucleating sites which result in formation of many small size spherulites. These small size spherulites allow light to pass through, thus increases clarity.
PMB Antiblock Masterbatch Based on ultrafine inorganic material. PE/PP 0.5% to 2.0% Prevents adhesion of the surface of the films to each other. Mono & Multi layered blown films. Improves Printability.
PMB Optical Brightener Masterbatch Based on concentrated brighter chemical PE 0.1 to 5% for blown films, Injection & blow molding. Gives pure to bluish brightness to all polymers. Blow films injections & blow molding. Plastic product gets a glossy appearance.
PMB UV Masterbatch Based on UV Stabilizer selected as per end application PE 0.5% to 2% depending on UV protection required. It absorbs UV radiation & dissipates them as heat, thus avoiding breaking of chemical bonds in the polymers. Hence make the product stable for outdoor application. All types of plastic products based on polyolefin for outdoor use. Protects the product against environmental degradation.
PMB Anti-Static Masterbatch Based on oleochemical derivatives PE 2% to 5% for Injection / Blow molding, 1% to 4% for Blow film. Prevents the electrostatic charge build up during processing & also on the plastic products. Packing films and polyolefin molding products. It reduces dust accumulation on plastic and products.
PMB Antioxidant Masterbatch Based on hindered phenol & organic phosphates PE 0.5% to 3% depending on end application. Prevents degradation of plastic exposed in air or oxygen at normal or elevated temperature whether during processing, storage or service. Polyolefin films, Pipe & Profiles, Roto Molded tanks & Blow molded containers. It helps in retaining the mechanical properties of the product which would otherwise deteriorate.
PMB Purge Antioxidant Masterbatch Based on surfactant abrasive filter & speciality chemicals. PE Ready to use material. Cleans the barrel & screw of the plastic processing machines. Extruder, Injection Molding and Blow Molding machines Used during colour change, material change, decarbonising & as a sealant during shut down / holding times.

Note: The information supplied is presented in good faith and has been derived from source believed to be reliable but customers must satisfy themselves of the suitability of this master batch and Palvi Master Batches does not offer of imply any responsibility in this respect.